Laura Grover


Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
Bachelor of Interior Architecture (University of Oregon)

Top 3 travel destinations
Spain, Costa Rica and Tahiti (sunny and warm, please!)

Gardening, cooking and anything outdoors

One thing I like about working at SERA
It’s obvious that everyone cares deeply about producing excellent work. The employee-owner model makes everyone feel part of the business. and we are kept well-informed about business operations.

Fondest childhood memory
When my dad was a builder, going to job sites with him and playing with building materials and tools

Favorite nonprofit
I volunteer with the Art Literacy program in my children’s school.  I love art and the reward of teaching (and learning from) kids is a great joy for me.

Favorite restaurant
Cuvee in Carlton, a tiny French restaurant in wine country. Cozy, delicious and amazing! The (only) waiter has the best dry sense of humor.

Pets/animals I own
Our very sweet and now old cat, Chloe.  Whenever I sit down at the computer or to read she decides it’s time for attention.

One thing that would improve our city
An amazing park for every neighborhood, with beautiful plantings and fun play structures.

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