Michael Barrett


Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
Master of Architecture (University of Oregon) and Bachelors of Art, Economics and Computer Science (Wesleyan University)

Top 3 travel destinations
Kyoto, Southern Spain/Morocco and Machu Picchu

Architectural influencers
Frank Lloyd Wright

One thing I like about working at SERA
The people – everyone is kind hearted and honest. It really helps when exploring new ground.

Car, bike or bus
Bicycles all the way. ProTip – add a basket to your handle bars for easy carrying.

Hidden talent
I’m a Master Recycler. My hidden talent is sorting recycling with clinical efficiency.

Time of day I’m most creative
Right after my morning tea, but before I check my email. It’s my sweet spot.

Preferred radio station

Pets/animals I own
A wonderful and tremendously energetic Labradoodle named Kaiya Jean

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