Sean Bolden

Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
Prairie View A & M University (BS & MS Architecture)

Top 3 travel destinations
London, Toronto, Manchester (To catch a flight)

DJing & music production, photography, architectural case study research

Architectural influencers
Thom Mayne, Snohetta, and Shop Architects

Favorite hangout spot
The Moda Center (during basketball season)

Car, bike or bus (or feet)? 
Bus (Bike once I get into Portland shape)

Fondest childhood memory
Creating a diorama of the Summit (the arena the Houston Rockets use to play in) from a Cheerios box at 3 years old.

Favorite nonprofit
I don’t have one yet. I typically do something for multiple causes.

My (past or present) nickname
Jello (my great Uncle’s name for me), Quest (high school to present)

Time of day I’m most creative
4pm – 2 or 3am

Favorite restaurant
Nicholas Restaurant Lebanese & Mediterranean Cuisine

One thing that would improve our city
Cost to buy a house!

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