Argyle Winery Tasting House

Challenged to create a world-class tasting experience adjacent to a busy highway and removed from the actual vineyards, SERA worked with Argyle and contractor Lease Crutcher Lewis to craft a truly innovative space. The result is a spacious, modern-day center for guests that preserves the winery’s identity while leveraging its history of evolution and reinvention.

The transformation at Argyle Winery began with a master plan of the 2.5 acre site. A new entry pavilion repurposed from an existing warehouse leads guests to the heart of the site – the new tasting house. Former crush pads below the high arches of the covered approach offer a place for guests to gather, surrounded by a native landscape providing seasonal visual and aromatic variety.

Once at the tasting house – another artfully converted warehouse – casual outdoor seating flows through sliding glass walls to the light and open interior spaces. The contemporary design invites visitors to taste, learn, gather and relax. Native Douglas fir, found in existing structures during deconstruction, was used to make all of the new shelving, tables, paneling and the long bar of the tasting house, where guests enjoy hosted tasting service. Complementary finishes were chosen for their authenticity to the region, with an emphasis on creating a warm and inviting space.

Within the tasting house, a climate-controlled wine library showcases more than 4,000 bottles − a portion of the winery’s collection − from vintages dating back to Argyle’s founding in 1987, while the tirage library displays vintage sparkling wines still aging on-the-yeast. The Argyle Reserve Cellar is a retail space that displays the full line of Argyle’s wines available for purchase.

Additional spaces include a conference room for educational events. The Victorian farmhouse, which in the past welcomed visitors for wine tastings, is the new VIP meeting and event space for Argyle’s wine club members.

During construction, 100 percent of the concrete and steel was recycled, while siding, roofing and fixtures were repurposed as primary design features in the new space. The new tasting house better enables staff to tell the Argyle story, and reflects on winery’s unique role within the Oregon wine industry.



  • 2015 IIDA Oregon Design Excellence Award - Honorable Mention

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