SAP Podcast, Ep. 3: Why Embodied Carbon Counts—and How to Count It

by | December 17, 2020 0 Ideas, Sustainability

As sustainable construction has evolved and our whole industry has made dramatic improvements around energy use and water management, we’ve learned to look more broadly—this is one of the biggest ideas behind SERA’s Sustainability Action Plan and in this latest podcast it extends to embodied carbon—at all the impacts involved with erecting a building, sourcing and transporting its materials, and the processes leading up to the ribbon cutting.

Embodied carbon can be 40% of a building’s total impact on its environment, but understanding and working to improve these factors is a challenge. At SERA, we’re starting by creating systems to track those factors and measure their impact. This enables us and our clients to make much more informed choices and understand how we’re building for a better future.

Hear more about these efforts and a lot more about this hot sustainability topic in this week’s podcast. And when you’re ready to dive deeper, download our complete Sustainability Action Plan and keep checking back for future discussions!

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