The future is bright with AR and VR technologies

SERA has been involved in some pretty complex, multilayered corporate planning and streetscape projects. Endeavors like The Village at Lagoon Valley in Vacaville, the Eugene Riverfront District Master Plan in Eugene, and Alpine Avenue in McMinnville require great understanding of the site, its limitations, and its potential new uses. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality […]

Erin Reome and Resiliency Work at SERA

SERA Senior Associate and Resiliency Planner Erin Reome is being honored next week with a Women of Vision award from the Oregon DJC. This award recognizes women who are shaping the built environment with their technical skill, leadership, mentoring, and community involvement, and we thought it would give us a great chance to highlight some […]

SERA Galleria: One firm’s answer to the big workplace question

In the wake of the world’s forced experiment with remote work, employers everywhere are asking big questions about how to address modern workplace needs. We hear that “hybrid is here to stay” and that employees don’t want to give up their work-from-home freedoms. But we also hear that people like going to work and that […]

Indigenous People’s Day 2022

  In honor of Indigenous People’s Day on Monday, we recognize and show our respect for Native People who have understood for generations how to live in harmony with the land, water, and all other living things. SERA has learned so much about tribal culture and world views from working with the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest […]