Alana Marseglia

Colleges you’ve attended and degrees earned
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design (George Fox University, Newberg)

Top 3 places you’ve traveled
France, Spain, and Oregon

Thrifting, working out, going to coffee shops, Minecraft, Netflix, and
lots of quality time with friends 🙂

Architectural influencer(s)
Cutler Anderson, Beginning in the Middle, and Pete Nelson
the Treehouse Man

Favorite Hangout Spot
Coffee Cottage in Newberg

Car, bus or bike (or feet)?
Car or walking

Fondest childhood memory
Growing up in southern Illinois and endlessly playing in the woods
with my three younger siblings

Your (past or present) nickname

Time of day you’re most creative

Favorite restaurant
Anything Thai

Preferred radio station
Indie Rock and Pop

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