Ania Klepacz



Colleges you’ve attended and degrees earned
University of Fine Arts Poznan

Top 3 places you’ve traveled
Poland (MFA) Denmark, Nederlands, Yucatan Mexico

Hiking, biking, downhill skiing, art painting, woodworking – furniture design

Architectural influencer(s)
Bauhaus movement

Favorite hangout spot
Mendocino, Northwest US Coast

Car, bus or bike (or feet)?

Fondest childhood memory
Soft serve Ice cream & Belgian waffles with whipped cream on Baltic seaside summer vacations

Favorite nonprofit

Time of day you’re most creative
Early morning with a cup of tea

Favorite restaurant
I like to explore and try new places, but Delfina Restaurant in the Mission SF always hit the spot

Preferred radio station
Blackbird Blackbird Pandora Radio Station

Pets or animals you own
Two grey cats: Poe & Nova

One thing that would improve our city
Affordable housing for everyone!

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