Anna Parsons


Top 3 Travel Destinations
England, Disney World, and New York

Painting and fitness

Favorite Hangout Spot
Lucky Lab

Car, bike or bus (or feet)
Feet all the way! Maybe the occasional scooter 🙂

Fondest Childhood Memory
Having lunch in Cinderella’s castle in Disney world and getting to meet all the princesses

Favorite Nonprofit
Apples to Applesauce

Your Past (or Present) Nickname

Time of Day You’re Most Creative
Bright and early! I love waking up, making my coffee, and working on a painting

Pets or Animals You Own
One gorgeous psychotic golden retriever/German Shepherd mix

One Thing That Would Improve Our City
Commissioning local artists to paint different things around the city (fire hydrants, building walls, etc) to add more color, and encourage the community to support their local artists, while also encouraging those artists to be creative and use their visual voice to make their mark on this world through their painting.

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