Becca Dobosh

Portland, Sr. Associate


Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
BA Liberal Arts (Carleton College) and a BFA Interior Design (Marylhurst University)

Top travel destinations
Anywhere in Scotland (I love a loch) or the Big Island of Hawaii (I love a volcano)

Reading lovely stories in lovely books. I’ve been addicted to books since early childhood – storytelling fascinates me.

Architectural influencers
Super Potato Design, Louis Khan and Matali Crasset

One thing I like about working at SERA
The ability of the employee owners to make change, and influence how and where the firm is going

Car, bike or bus
Bike when I am being good… but there’s a steep hill on the ride home that challenges my desire to be good

Pets/animals I own
Geriatric cats rock my world. Currently I have just one, Khufu (yes – named after the biggest of the pyramids at Giza) who is 19.

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