Jesii Dobrusky


Colleges you’ve attended and degrees earned
Arizona State University (BS Design – Interiors) Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

Top 3 places you’ve traveled
Paris (for the art & architecture), Iceland (for the outdoors), Malibu (for the beach)

Jewelry making, sewing, drawing, hiking, and reading about design

Architectural influencer(s)
Zaha Hadid, I.M. Pei, Rem Koolhaas for the big names. Plus, my late grandpa, Thomas A. Dobrusky, who was an architect and lifelong craftsman.

Favorite Hangout Spot
Anywhere around water!

Car, bus or bike (or feet)?
Bike or walking

Fondest childhood memory
Going to get ice cream cones riding in the back of my aunt’s ‘69 Mustang convertible with the music all the way up!

Favorite nonprofit
Indigenous Women Rising and The Trevor Project

Time of day you’re most creative
Late afternoon

Preferred radio station
Spotify indie/rock playlists all the way

Pets or animals you own
Willow, a small chihuahua mix puppy

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