John Thompson



Colleges You’ve Attended and Degrees Earned
Bachelor of Architecture (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg)

Top 3 Places You’ve Traveled
Barcelona, Guanajuato, Chicago

Model trains (HO Scale), model airplanes, sketching

Architectural Influencers
Kahn and Le Corbusier for serenity, Morphosis for exuberance, Venturi for humor, Frank Furness for exquisiteness, Helmut Jahn for gorgeous sketches, Francis Ching for the fundamentals

Favorite Hangout Spot
The back patio at Jupiter, Berkeley

Car, Bus, Bike (or Feet)?
Bike, especially my Brampton. It frequently sparks conversations with strangers when I’m folding or unfolding it. People love seeing how it works and it’s hard not to smile.

Fondest Childhood Memory
Lunches at the local airport in Palmerston North, New Zealand. My mother would often take my sister and me there to watch the airplanes come and go, even though there weren’t that many big ones coming to that airport back then. It sparked a lifetime love of airplanes for me. I try to attend at least one air show a year, and always Fleet Week in San Francisco.

Your Past (or Present) Nickname
Just about all my friends call me JT.

Award You’ve Won
Professional Promise Award, Virginia Tech 1994

Favorite Restaurant
Fonda, Berkeley

One Thing That Would Improve Our City
More bikes, less cars

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