Jordyn Brown


Colleges you’ve attended and degrees earned
University of Oregon (BA Journalism and Media Studies)

Top 3 places you’ve traveled
Florence, Italy
Munich, Germany
Barcelona, Spain

I love to sing and make music, read, cook, and watch thrillers.

Architectural influencer(s)
Duomo de Milano in Italy.

Favorite hangout spot
The park by my house or Psychic Bar on Mississippi.

Car, bus or bike (or feet)?

Favorite nonprofit
Street Roots

Your (past or present) nickname
Jo or JoJo

An award you’ve won
1st Place for Education Reporting from the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association

Time of day you’re most creative
After 10 p.m.

Favorite restaurant
Hat Yai on Belmont

Preferred radio station
OPB / Oregon Public Broadcast

Pets or animals you own
My cat Linus! He’s both a rascal and adorable at the same time.

One thing that would improve our city
Getting creative to provide more affordable, sustainable housing options for all.

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