Madison Brown-Cadelinia


Colleges you’ve attended and degrees earned
Kapiolani Community College
(AA Botany, with focus in Ethnobotany/Sustainability)

Arizona State University
(BS Sociology, Minor in Urban Planning)

Top 3 places you’ve traveled
Indonesia, Spain, Korea.

Playing/seeing live music, traveling, cooking, sculpting, drawing, painting, hiking, camping, swimming, tasting beer/wine, roller skating, and spending time with loved ones.

Favorite hangout spot
Cromwell’s Beach (Home in Hawai’i)

Your (past or present) nickname
Maddie // Madness

Time of day you’re most creative
12 (am or pm)

Favorite restaurant
Kashiwagi (SE Portland), The Pig and the Lady (Honolulu)

Preferred radio station
89.1 KMHD, NPR

Pets or animals you own
Kittens! Tango & Mookie.

One thing that would improve our city
Affordable Housing

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