Sean Winchester



Colleges You’ve Attended and Degrees Earned
Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design and Master of Architecture (Montana State University, Bozeman)

Top 3 Places You’ve Traveled
Central Alaska; Northwest Territories; Smith River, Montana

Fly fishing, kayaking, baking (bread), travel sketch and watercolor

Architectural Influencers
Carlo Scarpa, Peter Zumthor, Renzo Piano

Favorite Hangout Spot
The courtyard at Jupiter Pizza in Berkeley

Car, Bus, Bike (or Feet)?
Motorcycle and feet

Favorite Nonprofit
California Trout

Time of Day You’re Most Creative

Preferred Radio Station
KALX – freeform student radio

Pets or Animals You Own
Major Tom the insufferable cat

One Thing That Would Improve Our City
Expanded modern transit, investment in equitable community amenities

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