Su-Lin Meyer



Colleges Attended and Degrees Earned
Master of Architecture (University of California, Los Angeles); Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Top Three Places You’ve Traveled
Indonesia, Japan, and I love anywhere in Europe. Next on my list: Turkey, somewhere in South America, more of Eastern Europe, and more of Morocco.

Photo walks with friends, houseplants, and planning my next trip abroad

Architectural Influencers
Paul Rudolph, Tadao Ando, the Case Study House Program, and growing up in the architectural capital of the US: Chicago

Favorite Nonprofit
Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter

Your (Past or Present) Nickname
I’ve never had one, however I’d like to add: please call me “Su-Lin” not “Su”

Time of Day You’re Most Creative
After 10pm—I’m a night owl

Pets or Animals You Own
My giant tabby cat, Giaco, and hopefully another cat and a dog soon.

One Thing That Would Improve Our City
Better support systems and housing for the homeless

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