Zosia Wiatr


Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
The Evergreen State College (Bachelor of Arts)

Top 3 travel destinations
Tikal, Sicily, Strasbourg

Poems, espresso, conversation, translation.

Architectural influencers
Louis Kahn, Frank Gehry’s gestural sketches

Favorite hangout spot
Heart Coffee, La Promenade Plantée

Car, bike or bus
As my mother always says, “bicycles are transportation freedom.”

Favorite nonprofit
Tavern Books, Independent Publishing Resource Center, Rock ‘n Roll Camp for Girls

An award I’ve won
I was voted “Most Unique” my senior year of high school, which I still find hilarious.

Favorite restaurant
Clyde Common, Buvette Paris

One thing that would improve our city
Emphasis on bicycle infrastructure that is less confusing for cyclists and motorists.

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