60th & 82nd Ave Light Rail Station Area Assessment

SERA performed a comprehensive evaluation of ten light rail station areas for the Portland Bureau of Transportation, measuring each area’s transit-supportiveness in terms of density, connectivity, approach to parking, implementation of community vision, and other “best practices.” The ten station areas – including some from each of the four MAX lines – represent a wide variety of physical and social settings in Portland. The study was used to understand which stations are most transit-supportive, and for those that are not transit-supportive, what is missing and what can be done to remedy the situation. The 60th and 82nd Avenue station areas were identified as particularly significant, and a follow-up study was conducted to identify specific actions to improve the quality and density of development at 60th; and how safety, the pedestrian environment, and aesthetics in the 82nd Avenue corridor/station area could be improved through streetscape, building frontage, and multi-modal connectivity improvements.