Blanchet Tiny Home Village

SERA worked with Blanchet House to design a village of tiny homes to serve houseless populations. This pro-bono project includes the design of five micro-communities, each consisting of five pods and a central community kitchen and living space.

The design of the tiny homes balanced the desire for a comfortable space with the dimensional constraints required to transport the pods to their final project site. Each pod is plumbed and electrified, and features a kitchenette, a desk/dining space, bunk beds that can alternatively serve as storage, cabinets, a toilet and sink. On the exterior, composite siding, metal roof panels, and vinyl windows provide durable and cost-effective long-term value. Covered porches help manage the connection between private and public space. The homes will be built at the Blanchet House farm by recovering homeless men as part of a journeyman training program.

Planned community buildings provide a functional and formal center for each micro-community of five pods, supporting tenants with added amenities such as full kitchens, flexible dining and living spaces, and showers. They also provide each micro-community with a feeling of ownership and identity and foster a safe climate for recovery.