Bridgetown Lofts

Bridgetown Lofts is a new apartment building located at the intersection of the Pearl District and River District neighborhoods. The building offers 149 market-rate apartments, with surface and underground parking. SERA’s design recalls the character of the waterfront mills and working warehouses that thrived in this area for the last 100 years. It also takes advantage of the unique location, with a rooftop terrace, central courtyard, and balconies for both urban and waterfront views.

An ecoroof will enhance stormwater treatment and provide a visual amenity from the nearby taller buildings and the raised freeway. The design includes high performance windows, wall assemblies and building envelope in order to mitigate the traffic noise from the nearby freeway bridge. A central courtyard with a fountain and trees also provides a sound buffer. The project also includes improvements to the Willamette River Greenway Trail.