Chiloquin Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Plan

The City of Chiloquin is located in central southern Oregon in the heart of Klamath County at the confluence of the Williamson and Sprague Rivers. SERA worked with the Klamath Tribes and the City of Chiloquin to identify overall bike and pedestrian mobility and infrastructure challenges as well as propose low-cost, quick-implementable solutions with input from State, Tribal, County and City agencies. The Klamath Tribes in particular have a strong walking heritage that is not supported by the limited infrastructure currently in place.

Design issues and solutions were developed in a collaborative environment with both Tribal members and community residents. SERA conducted site reconnaissance to identify street safety issues and devise preliminary improvement alternatives. A public meeting with stakeholders was then held to discuss findings and recommended improvements, along with project funding and partner identification. This preliminary work, conducted in January 2016, was used as part of a successful ODOT Transportation and Growth Management application submitted by The Klamath Tribes to prepare a full pedestrian and bicycle Transportation System Plan update building upon the safety and access recommendations of this plan.