Cornelius Town Center Plan

Cornelius, a multicultural city on the western edge of the Portland metropolitan area, is experiencing a population boom, and a new plan for its Town Center was needed to guide public and private investments towards the downtown core’s vibrant and prosperous future.

As part of a multi-disciplinary consultant team, SERA provided lead urban design expertise with the goal of transforming Cornelius Town Center into the city’s economic, social and cultural heart. To capture and reflect the community’s vision, the consultant team carried out an extensive engagement effort that included a three-day workshop and Open House.

Leading planning principles of the plan include: strengthening the original historic “10 Block District” as the heart of town; reconnecting with the natural context; creating a community plaza; and revitalizing close-in neighborhoods.

The Town Center Plan, complemented by an Urban Renewal Plan aimed at implementation, was unanimously adopted by City Council in the summer of 2019. Zoning code updates based on the plan are scheduled for the fall of 2019. With the plan, Cornelius has a broadly-supported and clear roadmap for realizing a unique Town Center that will provide the central core for this growing and evolving community.



  • 2019 OAPA Public Involvement and Participation Award

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