Daylit Homage to Agriculture (Confidential)

Marred by oppressively-low ceilings and a lack of daylight, this unremarkable 70s-era Silicon Valley office lacked the character and amenities the client’s employees expected. Along with the Industry-Influenced Social Hub, SERA designed a complete renovation of this building as part of the global technology company’s new 10-acre Sunnyvale campus.

To address the need for daylight within the 2-story, 98,000 square foot building, SERA employed a series of subtractive strategies, beginning with the removal of a non-code compliant egress stair. This yielded double-height skylit collaboration zones, as well as a new verdant courtyard in the center of the building for socialization and wayfinding. 

By peeling back to reveal the existing structure within the building, the team was able to raise ceiling heights by three feet. Pairing this move with new lighting strategies exposed the rich color and texture of the wood structure — infusing the space with the warmth of natural materials at no added cost. In total, 16 skylights were added to the building, reducing the need for electric lighting while also helping improve occupant wellness and productivity.

Throughout the interior, carefully curated art and graphics intermix the history of the site with the client’s brand elements. Vintage produce labels with hidden company messages, three-dimensional sculptures evoking the fruits of creativity, and saturated finishes that recall Sunnyvale’s agricultural past, all combine to create a series of layered and intentional experiences connecting employees to their space.

Along with a seismic retrofit, the team infused sustainability with a new, highly-insulated roof, energy-efficient HVAC system, and reclaimed water system for toilet flushing and irrigation.



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