Destination Workplace (Confidential)

The confidential tech client for this project is based in Silicon Valley, but operates facilities around the world. To strengthen ties with the company‚Äôs global operations, SERA transformed each of the eight, 35,000 sf floors to reflect client’s satellite locations.

From a busy street in Taiwan to a Patagonian lodge in Chile, each floor was distinctively designed and includes workspaces, conference rooms, break rooms, libraries and meditation spaces. The building also features two cafes, a branded tea hub and a roof terrace with views of the San Francisco Bay.

Occupants of this building enjoy ample access to daylight and long-range views from their primary workspaces. A guiding principle for the interior design was to increase the density of natural materials, plants and responsive lighting to bring a human scale to spaces with the highest user impacts.

The center of energy in the building is the atrium, connecting levels six through eight. Destination spaces are strategically located throughout the floors of the building to encourage employees to discover unique places to work and collaborate with one another.