Moving their Portland presence to the iconic Meier & Frank Building, financial tech firm Finastra’s aim was to create a more intimate, connected experience for their workforce. As the result of a then-recent merger, a second priority was to improve the integration of their global brand into their space, while making room for the unique local culture of Portland.

The program accommodates Finastra’s business needs with an emphasis on focus work areas, supported by conferencing spaces that connect staff to their global teams. Exacting requirements for acoustic privacy and data security were woven into every environment, including the open office areas.

The brand standard of crisp white with saturated accent colors is thoughtfully intertwined with Northwest character, which is subtly referenced in whitewashed wood and an expression of craft quality. More prominently, a vibrant commissioned mural in the kitchen incorporates iconic Northwest images, and an appreciation for sustainable reuse is found in the overall raw character of the 100+ year-old building surfaces—brick, concrete and unfinished steel. Attention to detail was realized in a dozen small moments such as huddle rooms, built-in benches and precisely placed furnishings. To support the office gaming culture, the team designed integrated shelving to hold board games, and even commissioned custom-design arcade games for the kitchen.

With large existing windows, sunlight became the key design element that required a focus on controlling glare and thermal comfort. Integration of mechanical systems was a challenge which was met with very detailed pre-construction coordination based on laser scans.