Hoke Union Building Renovation, Eastern Oregon University

SERA evaluated the Hoke Union Building (HUB) and developed a conceptual renovation approach based on the building attributes, user vision, and goals. This renovation was measured against available funding and documented in the conceptual design. In parallel, SERA was retained to reduce the HUB’s energy consumption, and to document repairs to the building skin. The HUB renovation project was an interactive process with EOU students, faculty, and staff. The design team conducted intensive on-site design workshops to gather user visions and goals, evaluated the existing structure, and developed an initial design concept that received positive student referendum approval.

The goal of the proposed renovation is to enliven the HUB by exposing the energy of the activities already housed within it. The buzz of EOU students was formerly hidden behind solid walls and doors, far from the experience of most of the EOU community. Together, the planning committee and design team identified the most active programs within the building, and rearranged this energy along the most active building circulation routes.

SERA worked closely with University Student Center staff and the CM/GC–Fortis Construction on this renovation.