Hooper Center

The Hooper Center is the alteration and extension of a 1941, 20,000 sf, two-story building to create a new Crisis Assessment and Treatment Center (CATC) for Multnomah County Mental Health and Addiction Services, and Central City Concern. The sub-acute mental health facility is a 16-bed secure facility serving individuals experiencing a mental health crisis who cannot manage their symptoms on their own but do not need full hospitalization. The facility will serve an estimated 650 adults annually with stays in the range of 7 to 10 days.

The natural color interior finishes and open-integrated layout aim to provide a calming, uplifting and safe therapeutic environment. The project is certified LEED Gold for Commercial Interiors with special emphasis on improved energy performance, air quality and water conservation. Measures include new high-performance impact-resistant windows, higher performing walls and roof, improved ventilation, high performance HVAC, low VOC interior finishes and low flow water plumbing fixtures.

An existing detoxification facility within part of the building was also improved and the operation maintained during construction.