Liwa Physical Framework Masterplan

The Liwa Physical Framework Master Plan anticipates growth and change from a low-key gathering place and commercial center for the residents of the Liwa Crescent’s desert oasis communities, into the administrative capital of Abu Dhabi’s western region, Al Gharbia. Built upon SERA’s sustainable design methodology, the Plan maximizes the influence of the existing environment and its social and cultural history, while minimizing the impact of development to allow Liwa to become a well-scaled evolution of itself.

As part of the initial visioning for the Liwa, Abu Dhabi Master Plan, SERA led client, government and local stakeholders through a series of eco-charrettes to formulate the underlying basis for the project’s design. Using Civic Ecology resource flow mapping, participants created diagrams illustrating desired future energy, water and food systems for this new capital city of the western region. The systems flow maps were used as the basis for the land use, open space and public infrastructure planning.

The plan will result in Liwa becoming a model of sustainability, where energy consumed equals energy locally generated and potable water is re-used for various purposes before it is sent into the ground to replenish the fossil aquifer. Its streets and related land uses will be oriented to take advantage of prevailing breezes and to maximize the potential for shade and relief from the summer sun. When complete, Liwa is expected to achieve 3 (out of 4) Pearls in the Estidama New Communities Rating System.