Mason Ehrman Building LEED EBOM Certification

SERA conducted a LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (LEED EBOM) feasibility analysis for the 100-year-old Mason Ehrman building. The feasibility analysis looked at potential water and energy upgrades that could be part of the overall LEED EBOM strategy. As a result of the energy and water analysis the team was able to recommend implementation of several strategies to lower the buildings Energy Utilization Index (EUI) and increase water savings. The project, which received LEED EBOM Gold certification, is a significant triumph for a 100-year-old building on the National Historic Register.

Both the tenant in the building (Portland Development Commission) and the building owner (the Kalberer Company) were very active in the entire LEED EBOM process They participated in the eco-charrette that kicked off the process and were actively engaged in developing the strategies.

With the efficiency upgrades now implemented, the Mason Ehrman building will have a 38% reduction in energy use and realize approximately $42,600 annually in energy cost savings. Additionally, it expects a 44% reduction in water use, with 190,000 gallons/year of potable water saved through the use of low flow fixtures. This increased water and energy efficiency and reductions in waste disposal costs contribute to significantly lowering the building’s maintenance and operational costs. The healthy indoor environment, with efficient ventilation and lighting systems that maintain optimal conditions, also contributes to employee productivity.