New Building Program Development for Energy Trust of Oregon

SERA served as a sub consultant to Portland Energy Conservation Inc. (PECI) who was awarded the New Buildings Program contract with Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) in early 2009. SERA had three main scopes of work for 2009-2010: to assist Earth Advantage in developing a new green building rating system for small commercial buildings using the New Building Institute’s Core Performance Guide for Oregon to meet minimum energy performance, to help develop a new Net Zero Energy Pilot program for the Trust and to serve as an advisor of PECI in administrating the ETO programs.

We have continued our work with PECI and ETO into 2011 with work scopes to advise on program development for Early Design Assistance, Small Commercial Efficiency Pilot, a re-vamped Commissioning offering, and development of a new Multi-family residential offering.  In addition, SERA regularly gives specialized trainings to PECI staff on energy efficiency and the integrated design process, high performance Green Building standards, and how to run an effective workshops and charrettes.