Pacific University Campus Master Plan

Pacific University is a traditional educational institution with a rich history and a goal of growth. SERA led a multi-disciplinary team to prepare a master plan that is a strong and reliable guide for the creation of an inviting collegial campus that embodies the core values of the university. The plan incorporates guidelines for sustainable design and development, including measures for green building design, and best conservation practices for infrastructure development, stormwater management and landscape management.

The plan identifies the estimated space needs for a projected enrollment at the main campus of 1,690 students, as well as potential capacity for future growth. Growth in academic and student life programs is accommodated by adaptive reuse of existing campus space, including space vacated by professional schools, which are being migrated to a new campus.

Residential growth will be accommodated in existing and new residence halls to house up to 82% of the currently projected student body, providing for a very strong residential community on campus. Campus open spaces and walkways will be strengthened and interconnected to better unify the university and to provide a high degree of spatial “permeability” along all of the community edges of the campus. There will be an abundance of new vistas into and from the campus.

This Master Plan was developed in an interactive CD-ROM format using 3-D modeling and Flash animation to illustrate changes to the campus and other key concepts. As a follow-up phase, SERA adapted the Master Plan to meet the requirements of the City of Forest Grove’s new master plan code, representing the first time in their century and a half history that the University and City have had an adopted master plan agreement.

Since the Master Plan’s initial adoption, SERA has updated the Plan on three occasions, including the addition of a signage element and a detailed landscape plan, as well as adoption of a new athletics area resulting from a joint operating agreement with the City of Forest Grove.