Portland Clinic Northeast

Portland Clinic Northeast aims to be the nucleus for integrated and accessible community resources that promote healthy living in the Hollywood and Rose City neighborhoods. At the prominent site of the former Der Rheinlander restaurant, its design is inspired by the neighborhood streetcar history, and responds to the trapezoidal lot shaped by Sandy Boulevard.

The 33,000 square-foot facility includes modern medical facilities for the community and a new grocery concept from the founder of Pacific Foods called basics. basics will offer low-priced, high-quality foods along with a demonstration kitchen and community space for classes on nutrition and healthy meal preparation. The space also provides Concordia University students with clinical and experiential learning opportunities.

The building was designed using lean concepts and allows “on stage” and “off stage” service delivery, providing flexibility and ensuring patient privacy and confidentiality. SERA led planning of the clinic with PKA Architects.

Sustainable features include the use of healthy materials and energy-efficient systems, and generous floor heights allow ample daylighting into the space.