Redmond Downtown Planning

For more than 15 years, Redmond, Oregon has been one of the nation’s fastest growing cities. The community made downtown an area of significant focus when it worked with the Oregon Department of Transportation on a re-route of US 97 re-route, a project that removed significant truck traffic from the city’s core, thereby allowing it to return to its historic roots as a mixed-use heart of the community. SERA Architects provided strategic planning, design, and investment advice to the City in support of downtown revitalization both before and after this catalytic transportation investment.

Following our work on a 2003 “Next Steps” project for Downtown, SERA helped update the City’s Downtown Action Plan in 2004-05. For that work, SERA identified catalyst project opportunity sites, prepared development opportunity studies, and conducted an extensive commercial zone code audit that focused on the ability of the zoning code to support the vision of the historic downtown. SERA also crafted Architectural Design Standards that enhance and improve Downtown’s character and the quality of the pedestrian experience.

In 2006-07, SERA subsequently prepared Redmond’s Downtown Preliminary Development Plan, aimed at ensuring opportunities for quality economic growth, bolstering the district’s vibrancy, improving and enhancing the built appearance of downtown while retaining its historic character, and improving the pedestrian environment. This work was guided by significant stakeholder involvement, including a multi-day design workshop. Several of the catalyst projects identified in SERA’s work have been completed, most notably Centennial Park, which was completed in 2010 and is the most active public plaza in Central Oregon.

Recently, SERA served as advisor on an early catalyst project identified in the various Plans: the redevelopment of the Historic Redmond Hotel.