Rose House

The Rose House is a 800 sf accessory dwelling unit (ADU) addition adjacent to an existing single family residence for clients Linda Rose and solar-pioneer Eldon Haines, inventor for the Copper-Cricket Solar Thermal Water Heater. The goal of the project was for the residence to generate annually (through solar photovoltaic panels) more electricity than it uses. The house is one of two Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) Net Zero Energy Home demonstration projects. In addition to striving for net zero energy status, SERA utilized The Natural Step principles in the design.

Working within a conventional budget framework, the Rose House is nearly vinyl-free and incorporates other innovative green-building techniques that can be replicated within the residential construction industry. Some of these measures include the use of fiberglass windows, staggered stud walls insulated with blown cellulose, an integrated Structurally Insulated Panel System (SIPS) roof, and modified foundation insulation methods. Working in collaboration with ODOE, the house incorporates an innovative heating system design without a conventional furnace that captures waste heat from both the backside of the solar panels and from within the house, then converts that waste heat into hot water which is used in home heating. The Rose House is the first home in Portland to receive Earth Advantage’s Platinum Certification.

The house plans are available for download here.