Slabtown Flats

Slabtown Flats is a new six-story residential development in Northwest Portland that contains a mix of studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. This quarter block, L-shaped building provides 90 units, as well as mechanized parking, bike parking, a fitness area and ground-floor retail space.

The design draws inspiration from the Slabtown warehouse and mill district, complementing the historic context of the neighborhood with a contemporary interpretation. The interior design mirrors the same modern industrial theme inspired by the railroad and iron industry boom of the 19th century with black and grey tones as well as elements of brass, reclaimed wood and leather. The front lobby includes a multi-functional open meeting room as well as casual seating and a coffee nook. The top floor features an outdoor roof terrace with a firepit and grill, as well as a lounge complete with a shuffleboard crafted of salvaged wood from the tavern originally located on the site.

Throughout the building, reclaimed wood paneling and custom print graphics further draws reference to the history of the district.

Slabtown Flats incorporates sustainable measures such as Energy Star fixtures and appliances, healthy low-VOC materials and finishes, and reduces water use through low-flow fixtures, efficient landscaping and water smart irrigation.