State of Oregon Justice Building Renovation

When the State Office Building, known as the Justice Building, was completed in 1929, it housed for the first time occupants of the state government outside of the Capitol Building. Today, the Justice Building’s many tenants include the State Attorney General and the Oregon Appeals Court Judges, as well as the state court administrator’s office. SERA completed design services for a full renovation of the Justice Building. This renovation included: a life safety seismic upgrade composed of concrete grade beams and steel shear panel walls; new passenger and freight elevators; interior layout and space planning; electrical system with backup emergency power from an on-site generator for life safety, data closets and the server room; a logical and unified information technology infrastructure suitable for future expansion; a modern, energy efficient heating and cooling system based on existing facilities to help keep costs in check; and two new roofs, including a new fall protection restraint system.

The design team was particularly mindful of key historic areas and elements throughout the building. SERA provided third-party cost estimating services at major check points for reporting the project’s financial status to the state.

As an added challenge, the building was partially occupied by key tenants during construction, so the implementation of phased construction and multiple tenant relocations was essential. The project phasing allowed state functions from the Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to remain operational with minimum disruption. This was achieved by a concerted effort by the design team and the CM/GC to provide periodic update and strategy meetings with the department leaders.