The Workplace Wellness Compass

We believe that positive, meaningful change will be defined by a new understanding of and emphasis on health, wellness and personal empowerment, and that the office building can be the catalyst for this change. In addition to a typically stressful commute and chronic workaholism, many office workers — in the US in particular — suffer a lack of physical activity that can lead to lassitude and burnout. We address these conditions in Work Design Magazine’s 2020 competition with our winning submission, The Workplace Wellness Compass.

View our submission: “The Workplace Wellness Compass” (PDF)

The Compass is a collection of spaces, concepts and technologies that can be used individually to reinforce focused, positive transformation of health and wellbeing within a workforce or building population. Or, when combined and deeply integrated into the early design or retrofit of a building, they can fundamentally transform the user experience, establishing new rituals and patterns of activity that will make workers smarter, more resilient and happier.



  • Winner, 2020 Next Work Environment Competition

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