Vernonia School Siting

The objective of this project was to help the Vernonia School District analyze and assess three potential relocation sites for the community’s flood-ravaged schools. One of the sites included the existing campus in the 100-year floodplain. The project was completed by a multi-disciplinary team of planners, architects, and engineers. The team visited the three proposed sites and documented the existing conditions (physical and regulatory), and then performed an analysis for each site highlighting the following categories: land use process, land acquisition, transportation, building design and construction, flood-proofing, insurability, site improvements, utilities, and community function. A conceptual cost forecast and subjective assessment was provided for each category. Special conditions or considerations were noted for each site.

In addition to the site analysis, SERA created a Compact Campus development prototype to illustrate how the District’s program could be accommodated on a smaller footprint by co-locating shared administrative services, building vertically, and arranging playing fields so that they could be shared throughout the year. The project findings were shared with the public during a community meeting and at the Oregon Solutions monthly meetings.