Walnut Station Mixed Use Design/Development Standards

SERA created a TOD vision and implementation plan for Walnut Station, a 70-acre site adjacent to a planned BRT stop. Central to the project was creating a vision for Franklin Boulevard, a major, region-serving thoroughfare that bisects the station area. The project resulted in a community vision that transforms the area from under-utilized and auto-oriented to a vibrant, mixed-use district connected to adjacent neighborhoods and the University of Oregon. Central to the vision was a plan for “humanizing” Franklin by creating a streetscape design that prioritized the pedestrian while still providing for multi-modal vehicular mobility. The team prepared a detailed development plan that quantifies the area’s development potential as determined by market and real estate economists and graphically displays the resulting urban and architectural form according to two parking-driven development scenarios: “Form Follows Parking” and “Maximizing Urban Form through Managed Parking.” SERA subsequently created the implementation mechanism for the plan, drafting illustrated design and development regulations (adopted by in 2010) that will guide corridor redevelopment.