New leaders at SERA in 2023

Last week, SERA held its annual celebratory toast to recognize the work and announce the promotions of 15 individuals who have demonstrated firm-first loyalty and a strong commitment to SERA’s values, goals, spirit of collaboration, and employee-ownership culture.

“Associates are responsible for our near-term wins, our long-term success, and our succession planning as we think about what SERA looks like in the future,” said Principal Matthew Arnold. “Senior Associates are all of that, plus longevity and seniority; those folks who have dedicated themselves to our firm over a long period of time or at a high level such that we think of them as the cornerstones of the firm. At the end of the day, this institution is about people, and it gives us great comfort knowing where this firm is going.”

Each honoree was introduced and acknowledged by firm leadership and then celebrated by all in attendance.

Congratulations to this year’s promotions!

New Principal 2
Becky Epstein

New Senior Associates
Brian Stevens
Cassandra Tyler
Karl Sveinsson
Stephanie Balbin
Travis Shappell

New Associates
Danielle Johnson
Jennifer Joyner
Karin Wohlert
Melissa Verhelst
Ram Subramanian
Spencer West

New Directors
Dominique Sparks, Director of Human Resources
Leanne Lindsay, Director of Finance & Accounting
Craig Rice, Director of Operations, Oakland