Engaging Resilient Communities

But building resilience is not merely about reacting to the most stressful times, but it should also be about engaging in conversations about preparedness and community well-being. Understanding a community’s vision of resilience is an ongoing process.

Engaging Resilient Communities

Resilience Hubs: Design solutions that help communities flourish

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What do we mean by evolved design?

Our values: What SERA believes

The first annual DIGGY Awards!

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Caring for the planet, and ourselves

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The future is bright with AR and VR technologies

Erin Reome and resilience

SERA’s Offices: One firm’s answer to the big workplace question

Indigenous People’s Day 2022

Interview with Trevor Parham, Founder of Oakstop, an Oakland-based co-working space that centers communities of color

The Galleria: Celebrating SERA's New Space

SERA’s Tim Smith awarded FAICP Fellowship

SERA Celebrates New Leaders in Portland and Oakland!

Q&A With Natasha Koiv: Principal for 36 Years, retiring in 2022

Collaborative climate solutions start with carbon benchmarking

Previewing SERA’s New Galleria Headquarters (with Renderings!)

Back to the future: How we chose a longtime project as our new Portland HQ

Combating climate change: A study of embodied carbon

SERA and OBBF: Partnering with Our Oakland Neighbors

Design Through the Lens of Biomimicry

Can a Broken Urban Park Be Fixed? Portland’s O’Bryant Square: Part 3

Can a Broken Urban Park Be Fixed? Portland’s O’Bryant Square: Part 2

Can a Broken Urban Park Be Fixed? Portland’s O’Bryant Square: Part 1

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