Allison Hanley

Associate, Portland

Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
University of Portland (BS Liberal Studies) (Minors in Technical Writing and English)

Top 3 travel destinations
St. Lucia, Florence, Banff

Avid reader – I love the Victorian and Romantic poets, novelists, and playwrights. Luckily, these are always on sale at Powell’s.

Favorite hangout spot
I love taking my pups on hikes through Forest Park.

Car, bike or bus (or feet)? 
I switch between car and bus.

Fondest childhood memory
At the age of 9, on a road trip with my grandmother and brother, I was able to ride on the Colossus roller coaster at Six Flags, Magic Mountain.

Favorite nonprofit
Planned Parenthood

My (past or present) nickname

Time of day I’m most creative
After my fifth cup of coffee, between 1am-3am

Preferred radio station
Hipster BBQ and 80s Pop Radio on Pandora

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