Cassandra Tyler

Portland, Sr. Associate


Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
MARCH (University of Idaho), MSCE (Washington State University) and Sustainable MBA in Policy and Government Administration and Renewable Energy (Marylhurst University)

Architectural influencers
Carlos Scarpa and Renzo Piano

Favorite hangout spot
Anywhere with fresh air, people watching and good beer.

One thing I like about working at SERA
I like the diversity of interests and specialties, especially as they apply to sustainability and social accountability. With such a creative group it leads to great brainstorming sessions, passionate discussions, and some really inspiring and thought-provoking collaborations.

Fondest childhood memory
It’s a toss-up. Watching the Orca pods come into the bay with their new offspring, or laying on the roof in the freezing cold watching the Northern Lights.

Favorite nonprofit
I volunteer with the Rose City Rollers. They’re a nonprofit dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls through athleticism. They also support charitable causes that align with their mission including LGBTQ equality, women’s rights, social equity, families, at-risk youth, physical activity, literacy and self-empowerment.

Favorite restaurant
Syun Isakaya

Pets/animals I own
A lab Mix named Keet, which is Tlingit for killer whale.

One thing that would improve our city
Better housing solutions that are healthy, affordable and accessible by urban pathways and mass transit. Oh, and they should allow dogs over 35 pounds.

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