Dawn O'Connor

Dawn O’Connor


Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
Bachelors of Architecture (University of Oregon)

Top 3 travel destinations
Ireland, Cote d’Azur and Copenhagen

Writing fiction

One thing I like about working at SERA
People here genuinely enjoy and take pride in their work

Car, bike or bus
Walking. The best part about working and living in the city is that I can walk everywhere!

Fondest childhood memory
Playing Pioneers in the backyard with my siblings and our friends (complete with bonnets and long skirts from our costume box)

Hidden talent
My mountain goat-like balance on rocky terrain

Time of day I’m most creative
The most inconvenient time of day for me to be creative is usually when the ideas strike

Favorite restaurant
Nak Won

My dream home
An old stone cottage (with all its troubles) on a small piece of land on the west coast of Ireland, within view of the Atlantic Ocean

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