Jesica Basualdo


Top 3 places you’ve traveled
Iguazu Falls, Argentina (for the subtropical rainforest), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (for the scuba diving) and Paris, France (for the love of cheese).

I love going to stand-up shows, hiking, traveling, and reading.

Architectural influencer(s)
I’m not an architect but I think Julia Morgan was pretty awesome.

Favorite hangout spot
Snuggled on my couch with my black cat Morticia Addams, watching horror shows.

Car, bus or bike (or feet)?

Fondest childhood memory
Just being a free range kid and running around outside until the light posts turned on.

Favorite nonprofit
NiƱos Sin Fronteras- Argentina. They do great work for the children in the slums of Argentina.

Your (past or present) nickname
My closest friends and family call me Tami, Tams or Tati because they refer to me by my middle name Tamara. My nephews and nieces call me Mimi.

Favorite restaurant
La Bottega in Vancouver, WA.

One thing that would improve our city
Effective addiction treatment and affordable housing.

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