Lewis Knight



Colleges you’ve attended and degrees earned
Canberra College of Advanced Education, Harvard University GSD

Top 3 places you’ve traveled
Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia (1990), Scotland

Ball Sports (Footy), Family

Architectural influencer(s)
Sam Mockbee, Glen Murcutt, Kevin Lynch, Moshe Safdie, John Andrews, David Adjaye . . . to name a few I admire . . .

Favorite hangout spot
My Deck or anywhere with a great cocktail

Car, bus or bike (or feet)?

Fondest childhood memory
Droving Cattle

Favorite nonprofit
EBHO – East Bay Housing Organizations

An award you’ve won
SCUP Honor Award for Campus Planning

Time of day you’re most creative
After midnight

Preferred radio station
JJJ (a national Australian Radio station)

Pets or animals you own
Banjo (blue heeler)

One thing that would improve our city
Density & Diversity

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