Matt Lhotka


Colleges I’ve attended and degrees earned
University of Oregon – Portland Urban Arch. Program (Master’s of Architecture), Arizona State University (B.S. in Design with Architectural studies)

Top 3 travel destinations
Seoul, Paris, Vancouver B.C.

Architectural influencers
Mies Van Der Rohe, Santiago Calatrava, Renzo Piano

Favorite hangout spot
Hanging out at home with my wife and 5 year old daughter

Car, bike or bus (or feet)? 
Bicycle & Trimet

Fondest childhood memory
Building Legos and playing board games with the family

Time of day I’m most creative
The crack of dawn

Favorite restaurant
Andina or Screen Door

Pets/animals I own
Two cats named Sushi and Peanut, and two goldfish Sissy & Sally

One thing that would improve our city
More affordable housing and homeless shelters

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