Michael Timberlake


Colleges Attended and Degrees Earned
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (Purdue University, West Lafayette); Master of Science in Architecture (Ball State University, Muncie)

Top Three Places You’ve Traveled
Florence, Italy; Galway, Ireland; Paris, France

Fly fishing, hiking, video gaming  

Architectural Influencers
Shigeru Ban, Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown, Bernard Tschumi

Favorite Hangout Spot
Laurelhurst Theater

Car, Bus, Bike, or Feet

Fondest Childhood Memory
Camping with family

Favorite Nonprofit
International Living Future Institute

Award You’ve Won
ARCC King Award for Excellence in Architectural & Environmental Research

Favorite Restaurant
Dove Vivi Pizza

Pets or Animals You Own
Two cats

One Thing That Would Improve Our City
Affordable housing

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