Nicole Holt

Associate, Portland

AIA, LEED Green Associate

Colleges You’ve Attended and Degrees Earned
Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Ball State University, Muncie), Master of Architecture (University of Oregon, Eugene)

Top 3 Travel Destinations
Germany, Iceland, Smith Rock

Sea kayaking, backpacking, rock climbing

Architectural Influencer(s)
Peter Zumthor

Car, bike or bus (or feet)

Fondest Childhood Memory
Family nature hikes, running around my dad’s farm land with my brother unattended (after chores of course)

Favorite Nonprofit
New Avenues for Youth

Preferred Radio Station
OPB, WTMD (college radio station outside of Baltimore)

Pets or Animals You Own
Akila the Alaskan Malamute (also lovingly referred to as Monster)

One Thing That Would Improve Our City
Increased equitable transit-oriented development

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