Zoé Stone


Colleges You’ve Attended and Degrees Earned
Bachelor of Architecture (University of Oregon, Eugene)

Top 3 Places You’ve Traveled
Iceland, Denmark, Sierra Nevada mountains!

Skiing uphill, skiing downhill, backpacking, climbing, painting, yoga

Architectural Influencers
Alvar Aalto, Charles and Ray Eames, Marion Mahony Griffin

Favorite Hangout Spot
Somewhere outside or somewhere with croissants

Car, Bike, or Bus (or Feet)
Bike & feet (skis when it snows!)

Fondest Childhood Memory
Learning to ride my bike on the beach in Manzanita

Favorite Nonprofit
The Access Fund

Time of Day You’re Most Creative
Early mornings!

Favorite Restaurant
Afuri on 7th

One Thing That Would Improve Our City
Creating more green spaces on the east side, and more/better public transit

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